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Re: [ex-ussr-left] Интересная статья о психологии фашистов.

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From: Sergey S. Marsky <marsky@1917.com>
> "Дальновидные троцкисты" -- это кто?! КРИшники что-ли?? Ну и чегоони
> добились? создали _такую_же_ лейбористскую партию, только маленькую.
Нет, не КРИ. Их пока мало. Это, например, движение "Социалистическое будущее
От: Movement for a Socialist Future <msf@socialistfuture.org.uk>
Кому: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;@sinbin.demos.su;>
Тема: May Day Greetings
Дата: 2 мая 2003 г. 0:30

May Day greetings from the Socialist Future Group to our comrades in Russia
and Ukraine on May Day 2003.

We send you our warmest wishes on international workers day. We mourn with
the workers belonging to the Congress of South African Trade Unions the loss
of their brothers and sisters on their way to May Day celebrations today. We
believe that the continuing occupation of Iraq by US and British armed
forces is an expression of the inability of global capitalism to solve its
economic and political crisis in a peaceful way. The use of overwhelming
military might has won a temporary victory for the forces of global capital,
but it will not solve their crisis as the masses throughout the middle east
and elsewhere demand their right to determine their own future. The latest
suicide bombings and killing of Palestinians by the Zionist forces in
Palestine is already exposing the "road map" drawn up by the US, Russia, the
EU and the UN as no solution to the repression of the Palestinian masses.
But neither the blind alley of individual terrorism nor protest movements
can provide a way out of the crisis, in Palestine, Iraq or anywhere else. We
therefore continue our work to develop an alternative to New Labour in
Britain by gathering forces based on an internationalist, revolutionary,
socialist perspective.

London, 1st of May 2003

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