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[ex-ussr-left] Специально для Шапинова, Зуева, Задираки и Бийца! A Chronology of Hate Crimes - 2001

A Chronology of Hate Crimes - 2001
Jan. 7, 2001, Ashburn, Georgia
Robert Martin, 32, was hospitalized in critical condition after being found
lying outside an abandoned school with head injuries from a blunt object.
Martin was wearing a dress at the time. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation
was investigating but had no motive or suspects. Press reports indicate that
Martin had been beaten and harassed before because of his perceived
homosexuality. (Associated Press, Jan. 10, 2001).

Jan. 8, 2001, Lake County, Florida
Police said that David Lee Troutman shot and killed Robert Spencer, an
African-American man, as he walked out of an Island Food Store. Moments
later, Troutman drove to another Island Food Store and shot and killed
himself. Investigators believe the perpetrator was mentally unstable and had
threatened to go after African Americans. The victim may have been the first
African American that Troutman saw. (WESH NewsChannel, Orlando, Florida,
Jan. 9, 2001)

Jan. 15, 2001, Prospect Park, New York
Police released a sketch of a suspect after the fifth ninja-like stabbing in
Prospect Park, near a popular area for gay man. Police suspect bias as the
motive, as no robbery attempts have been made. The victim was slashed across
the throat and stabbed in the chest and back. (PlanetOut, Jan. 19, 2001)

Jan. 17, 2001, Helena, Montana
An openly gay student at Carroll College withdrew from school 14 days after
being knocked unconscious and beaten in his dorm room. The victim did not
initially report the incident due to fear of further retribution. Someone
struck the student in head with a bottle as he returned to his room from the
dorm showers early in the morning and then beat him while he was
unconscious. The attacker also wrote "Die Fag" on his body with an ink
marker. Cuts on the student's eye required surgery. (Associated Press, Feb.
9, 2001)

Jan. 19, 2001, UC-Davis, California
Asian Americans on campus have said they are living in fear after being the
target of verbal and physical assaults. In once incident, a dozen Caucasian
students attacked five Korean students. Two people were arrested, but
incidents have continued. (KCRA On-Line, Sacramento, Jan. 19, 2001)

Jan. 25, 2001, Washington, D.C.
Police arrested a 17-year-old in a gay-bashing incident in the DuPont Circle
area after the youth and another young man followed two men leaving a gay
bar while shouting anti-gay names at them. After attacking the victims, the
youths fled when passers-by said they had called the police. One perpetrator
was later apprehended. (Washington Blade, Feb. 2, 2001)

Feb. 25, 2001, Anchorage, Alaska
Police seized a video of three white teenagers assaulting Natives with a
paintball gun from a car on downtown streets. The 24-minute video shows male
and female victims flinching as they were hit by what police say were
marble-sized, frozen paintballs. The victims shielded their faces after
being struck at close range while the teen-agers laugh. "Shoot him! Shoot
him!" one suspect urges. "You need to shoot that guy." "No," another teen
answers, "He's Chinese."

Neo-Nazi groups active in Alaska, including the militant National Alliance,
have been trying to capitalize on the incident to recruit new members to
their cause. Press reports quote one local hate group leader as saying "The
timing was good with heightened racial concerns arising from the January
incident." (Associated Press, Feb. 25, 2001; Anchorage Daily News, July 2,

March 4, 2001, Houston, Texas
Police found the body of Francisco Javier Luna in the parking lot of a
downtown business. The victim suffered several gunshot wounds to the face,
stomach and shoulder. Luna was dressed as a woman at the time of his murder,
was wearing make-up and a brown ladies wig was found near his body. (KPRC
Houston.com, March 5, 2001)

March 6, 2001, Middleburg, Pennsylvania
Two brothers, Todd Justin Clinger, 20, and Troy Lee Clinger, 18, were
charged with attempted homicide after severely beating a neighbor, Michael
Aucker, 41. Police allege that one of the brothers, Troy, said that Aucker
tried to kiss and hug both of them while the trio drank beer in their
trailer. Police said they walked out on the deck, where the brothers
allegedly punched and stomped on Aucker with heavy work boots several times
before taking the bleeding Aucker to his nearby trailer. Aucker was
discovered a day and a half later by a neighbor and co-worker. He remained
in a coma and every bone in his face and nose were broken, according to
press reports. (Sunbury Daily Item, March 14, 2001)

March 16, 2001, Sparks, Nevada
Two Muslim men were injured, one critically, when they were attacked outside
a mosque in what police called a possible hate crime. Two white men in their
teens or early 20s struck the victims with a baseball bat following prayers
at the Northern Nevada Muslim Community Center. (Associated Press, March 17,

March 20, 2001, New Orleans, Louisiana
A robbery attempt of a gay-male couple resulted in one man dead and the
other critically wounded by gunshot wounds. Neighbors and local business
owners in the gay-friendly area suspected anti-gay hate as a motive and have
voiced concern about rising crime in the area. One owner said that he has
heard that police have asked residents to keep the crime rise quiet so as
not to scare anyone. (Southern Voice, March 29, 2001)

March 30, 2001, Seattle, Washington
Police asked prosecutors to consider hate crimes charges against a black
teen who is accused of beating up and robbing whites during Mardi Gras. The
perpetrator allegedly told police he believed he was in the middle of a
"racial war." (Seattle Times, March 30, 2001)

April 12, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Several criminal charges, some involving bias, have been filed during and
after riots in black neighborhoods of the city, following the fatal shooting
by police of an unarmed black man. Prosecutors also examined subpoenaed
television tapes to identify black youths who pulled a white trucker from
his cab and beat him. One black teenager has been charged with a hate crime
in that incident for allegedly targeting the victim because of race. The
victim said the perpetrators were shouting "Kill Whitey" as they beat him.
Previously, the county prosecutor had announced 63 indictments on charges
committed during the riots, some of which would also likely be charged with
hate crimes if evidence was obtained that the offenses were committed to
intimidate based on race, the prosecutor said. All but one of those
defendants was black. (Associated Press, April 24, 2001)

April 13, 2001, San Antonio, Texas
A 39-year-old man was attacked because the suspect thought he was a
homosexual, police said. The victim had stopped in a park to look at some
rocks when a man with a knife came up behind him. The man held the victim in
a bear-hug before stabbing him in the chest with a knife which he described
as a three-inch Buck knife. The suspect allegedly called him anti-gay names
as he stabbed him. (KSAT San Antonio, April 13, 2001.)

April 27, 2001, Kent State University, Ohio
Mikell Nagy, an openly gay university student, was eating breakfast with
friends when he heard someone make an anti-gay comment toward another friend
across the room. He went over to see if the friend was okay. The next thing
he knew, a man walked up behind him, called him a "faggot" and punched him
in the face. According to witnesses, blood was pouring from cuts above his
left eye. His two front teeth were chipped in the incident and his right
cheek stayed swollen for over a week. The incident resulted in an on-campus
rally against hate crimes. (WEWS NewNet5, April 27, 2001; Cleveland Plain
Dealer, April 28, 2001)

April 27, 2001, San Francisco, California
An attorney, Don Henning, allegedly attacked Rabbi Bentzion Pil, 42, a
Hasidic Jew, and Michael Medvedev, 28, a Russian immigrant member of his
congregation after the lawyer hurled anti-Semitic slurs at the two men and
called them "Palestinian killers." The perpetrator became enraged when the
Rabbi said that the Jews were "peaceful people," spit at them and then
rushed the two men, punching Medvedev in the face and breaking his ribs.
Though the victims were much smaller than the close to seven foot assailant,
they were able to wrestle him to the ground and detain him until police
arrived. (San Francisco Examiner, July 17, 2001)

May 3, 2001, Los Angeles, California
In an apparent hate crime, Carlos Garcia, who is Hispanic, allegedly shot
and critically wounded a man after telling him "he did not like black men
associating with Hispanic women" according to police. The gunman hijacked a
bus and caused a deadly crash as he was fleeing from police. (Associated
Press, May 3, 2001)

May 25, 2001, Honolulu, Hawaii
Two teens were charged with attempted murder after allegedly dousing the
tents of gay campers, while people were inside, with flammable liquid and
setting one on fire in Polihale State Park. Police believe the crime is a
hate crime based on "insinuations and remarks" made by the suspects at the
time. Victims in the attack said the perpetrators threw rocks and shouted
homosexual slurs at about 20 men prior to setting the tent on fire.
(Associated Press, June 2, 2001; KITV TheHawaiiChannel.com, June 1, 2001)

May 23, 2001, Montgomery County, Maryland
Robert Lucas, the defendant in the murder of a local priest, Monsignor
Thomas Wells, alleged that he murdered the victim in a "killing rage" after
the victim was sexually aggressive toward him which resulted in his feeling
"anger, shame and humiliation." The victim bled to death as a result of stab
wounds. (Washington Post, May 23, 2001)

May 30, 2001, New York
Authorities arrested Richard Rogers, 50, a man they think may be a serial
killer responsible for killing up to five gay and bisexual men in the early
1990s based on fingerprints found on plastic bags used to dispose of
dismembered bodies. Most of the victims were between the ages of 44 and 55
and were last seen at gay bars in Manhattan. (New York Times, May 30, 2001)

May 30, 2001, Spokane, Washington
The third of three defendants plead guilty to kidnapping, rape and witness
intimidation after prosecutors showed how they had targeted three teenage
Japanese girls for sexual assault. The victims were kidnapped from a bus
stop, handcuffed and blind-folded and raped repeatedly for over seven hours
while the assaults were videotaped. The victims were told that if they told
anyone, the videos would be sent to their fathers. One of the perpetrators
testified that the primary perpetrator was fascinated with Japanese culture
and targeted the Japanese students because he believed they would be too
submissive, afraid and ashamed to report the assaults. The perpetrators had
tried to abduct Japanese female students on two other occasions. (Seattle
Times, May 31, 2001)

June 1, 2001, Modesto, California
The home of an inter-racial couple and their two children were threatened
when someone threw a Molotov cocktail at their home. Police believe it was a
hate crime, citing other evidence such as watermelon thrown on the driveway,
a box of grits, a frozen bag of black-eyed peas and a 40-oz. King Cobra
beer. (TheKCRAChannel.com, June 2, 2001.)

June 5, 2001, El Monte, California
Three suspected Latino gang members were accused of a hate crime after
allegedly beating an African-American teen at a party and using racial
epithets. The teen, who was dancing with a Latina at the time of the attack,
suffered cuts to the mouth; and a friend who came to his aid received
abrasions to the face. One of the assailants fired a gun into the air, and
they yelled the name of the gang as he fled the party. (MediaNews Group,
June 7, 2001)

June 6, 2001, Chicago, Illinois
A young Chicago man is accusing police of ignoring his pleas for help after
a gay-bashing incident in May that ended with his being criminally charged.
Benjamin Stephens, a 21-year-old North Sider, said he was out to dinner with
a friend when three men lured him from the restaurant, beat him and called
him "faggot." A stranger saw the incident and drove him to the police
station, where he said officers refused to help find the men who'd attacked
him. Stephens said he became angry, and officers arrested him, hitting him
and shoving him around. The incident comes on top of a suit filed earlier
this year by a man who says he was beaten by several off-duty Chicago police
officers because they mistakenly thought he was gay. An Amnesty
International report released earlier this year titled, "Allegations of
homophobic abuse by Chicago police officers," alleges a series of anti-gay
incidents, involving abuse and torture by Chicago police over the past few
years. (Windy City Times, June 6, 2001; Chicago Tribune, Jan. 12, 2001; www.
Amnesty.org, June 5, 2001.)

June 17, 2001, Springfield, Missouri
A stabbing at a local diner appears to be racially motivated according to
police. A black man was stabbed three times by one of six men whom witnesses
described as skinheads and white supremacists. The suspects also had
swastika tattoos and Aryan Nation T-shirts. The victim had walked into the
diner with his girlfriend who is white and another interracial couple,
police said. A fight ensued when the victim confronted one of the men in the
group. During the fight, one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed the
victim. (Jefferson City News Tribune On-Line, June 18, 2001.

June 21, 2001, Cortez, Colorado
The body of an openly gay, half-Navajo teen, Fred Martinez Jr., 16, was
found south of Cortez five days after he left home to go to a carnival.
Police have arrested another teen in the murder and are investigating
whether the homicide was a hate crime based on sexual orientation or race.
The perpetrator allegedly bragged that he "beat up a fag." Martinez often
curled his hair, plucked his eyebrows, wore make-up and toted a purse to
school. His mother told the press that she firmly believes her son's slaying
was a hate crime based on his gender identity or because he was transgender.
(Rocky Mountain News, July 3, 200; Cortez Journal On-Line, June 28, 2001;
Denver Post, July 19, 2001)

July 1, 2001, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
A 29-year-old man was accused of a hate crime after witnesses say he drove
his truck in a threatening manner toward a group of black people picnicking
along the Fond du Lac River. The vehicle came within two feet of young
children standing near a grill. The driver, who had been making deragatory
remarks about the picnickers earlier, was shouting "white power" and racial
slurs at the group. Tire tracks from the truck appeared to have left the
road and ripped up 25 yards of grass an observer said. The driver denied
driving into the crowd and said one of them had "started it" by shouting
something about the Confederate flag on his truck. (The Reporter,
Wisinfo.com, July 4, 2001.)

July 3, 2001, Rifle, Colorado
Four people were killed and three others wounded in a shooting rampage near
and in a trailer park in which a man had bragged to friends earlier in the
day that he was going to shoot some people and himself. Police know of no
motive and are investigating whether the incidents were racially motivated
since the perpetrator was white and all of the victims were Hispanic.
(Associated Press, July 5, 2001)

July 3, 2001, Wichita Falls, Texas
John Turnbow, 28, was convicted of shooting Zacchaeus Field to death in
October 1998. Turnbow, who once admitted he belonged to a white supremacist
group but later recanted, shot Field as he was walking down the street
because he thought he was the same black man who was dating the ex-wife of a
friend. He said he mistook Field for the other black man. (Associated Press,
July 3, 2001)

July 4, 2001, Waco, Texas
Two men were arrested in connection with the stabbing of five youths on the
Waco Suspension Bridge during Fourth of July festivities. One of the
perpetrators had tattoos linked to white supremacist groups, and police are
investigating whether racial bias played a part in the stabbings. Both
suspects were white and all of the victims were black. (WacoTrib.com, July
17, 2001)

July 6, 2001, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Seven people were sentenced on multiple counts, including aggravated assault
and harassment by bias intimidation under the state law for assaulting a
23-year-old learning disabled man with hearing and speech impediments. The
victim was lured to a party, bound, and physically and verbally assaulted
for three hours. Later, he was taken to a wooded area where the torture
continued until he was able to escape. (New Jersey Lawyer, August 7, 2000;
Statement from Executive Director of The ARC of New Jersey, July 6, 2001)

July 6, 2001, Sacramento, California
A jury convicted Joshua Mark Gilmore, 25, a white supremacist, of five
felonies for several hate-related attacks. Among other things, Gilmore, who
is covered in neo-Nazi tattoos, was charged in the beating death of a 16
year old whom he left for dead in a church parking lot in 1997 and an attack
four-months later on a 22 year old who was stabbed 20 times and lost part of
his right lung. Gilmore was arrested by a special task force that included
the FBI, along with county and state law enforcement officers.
(Scripps-McClatchy News Service, July 6, 2001)

July 9, 2001, Santa Clarita Valley, California
An 18-year-old member of a reputed teenage white supremacist gang accused of
terrorizing a Canyon Country neighborhood pled guilty to charges of stalking
a bus driver. The teen was one of several "skinheads" arrested during a
police sweep in May for alleged stalking, burglarizing cars, setting off
small explosives and vandalizing the neighborhood. (Los Angeles Times,
Valley Edition, July 10, 2001)

July 9, 2001, Charles Town, West Virginia
Brian K. Hanna, 27, was sentenced to six years in jail for misdemeanor
assault and one felony count of wanton endangerment for his part in a hate
crime in September 2000. The incident involved Derrick Berry, a black man,
who was leaving a gas station when two tow trucks blocked his way. A man
stepped out of the truck, approached the car and pointed a gun at another
person in the car. The man then reportedly pointed the gun at Berry and
fired it into the air. (Dominion Post, July 11, 2001)

July 16, 2001, Newmarket, New Hampshire
Thung Phetakoune, 62, of man of Laotian decent, died of injuries he suffered
in an attack that may have been motivated by racial hatred. Richard Labbe,
35, has been charged with second-degree assault in the incident. According
to authorities, Labbe shoved the victim amid an alcohol-fueled anti-Asian
tirade apparently stemming from the deaths of two relatives in the Vietnam
War. Ironically, Phetakoune had fought in the war with the Americans. He
died from injuries stemming from a fractured skull, subsurface bleeding and
swelling of the brain. (Foster's Online, July 21, 2001;Union Leader, July 17
& 20, 2001)

July 16, 2001, Billings, Montana
Chris Lehman, 23, said he was wrongly labeled a skinhead as he pled guilty
to a hate crime. He admitted he shot 44-year-old Roderick Pierson in the
groin with a BB gun because Pierson is black. He also pled guilty to felony
criminal endangerment of Pierson's six-year-old daughter, who was walking
with her father when he was shot on Oct. 14, 2000. (BillingsGazette.com,
July 17, 2001)

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