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[ex-ussr-left] Fw: From Teletubies to Pokemon

Stephen Jay Morris пишет в alt.politics.socialism.mao Tuesday, April 24,
2001 8:34 PM...

>                                         From Teletubies to Pokemon
> Do you remember when the Fundamentalist Christians in the USA accused the
> creators of the puppet characters "Teletubies" of promoting "The Gay Life
> style"?  It was all because one of the characters had a pink triangle on
> costumes. So much for common sense, eh ? These cretins wine and moan about
> so-called "Culture war", but never utter a peep about the "Assault on
> Enlightenment". The only culprits of the "Dumbing down of America" are the
> right -wingers. In the continuing saga of why religion sucks, comes the
> story of "The Pokemon Jewish conspiracy". It seems in Arab states, the
> Muslims deemed the children's toy "Pokemon" is a plot to undermined
> kids faith in God. So.where is the Jewish connection to this conspiracy?
> Some nitwit translated the word "Pokemon" , meaning "I am a Jew"  in
> Japanese. Pokemon is now banned in Islamic states. What more evidence you
> need that "Religion" is not only silly, but a threat to freedom it self?
> m sorry to announce to the world that religion does not have a monopoly in
> morality. To deny ones liberty because of another collectives superstition
> is "Immoral".  The right-wingers in the 60's said the Beatles were a
> communist plot. Time and time again, the right has been proven wrong. It's
> funny contradiction that the Religious right claims to be advocates of
> "Free enterprise" , but make a product that's not "Christian correct",
> back!!!!!

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